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Website's Terms

Welcome to www.kaanshow.com (Website). This Website is created and operated by Panjaluck Pasuk Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as we, us, ours). Any website user shall abide by the rules of the Website. Thus, please carefully read the terms and conditions of the Website prior to entering this website. By entering and using the Website shall be deemed that you fully agree to perform in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof. In the event that you do not fully accept any part of the terms and conditions herein, do not proceed to use this website.

Please acknowledge that we may adapt, adjust or add any terms and conditions herein anytime without prior notice. The terms and conditions shall take effect immediately right after having been published on the Website and shall not have any retrospective effect. The terms and conditions herein must be read regularly. After the change of the terms and conditions herein, any viewers, users or registered users (hereinafter referred to as you, user or users) fully agree and accept the terms and conditions which are changed. If you use our other services, it shall be deemed that you also agree to comply with the terms and conditions of such services.

Trademark Copyright Patent and Intellectual Property

The Website consists of the content on the website and all of the web designs including but not limited to texts, graphics, software, video, songs, photos, signs, sounds, sound effects plus software, soft code, and supporting software which are protected under the laws of copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property law as they belongs to Panjaluck Pasuk Company Limited or are authorized for Panjaluck Pasuk Company Limited to use.

You may print reproduce disseminate use or download the information of the Website for personal or education use only when you clearly indicate that the proprietary of such information belongs to Panjaluck Pasuk Company Limited in any document or any kind of reproduction and shall not amend any information of the Website by any mean without our permission for the commercial or making profit purpose.

Use of Information and Other Parts

The information and all parts of the Website may be adjusted, changed, and improved without prior notice to you.

Panjaluck Pasuk Company Limited is the administrator of the Website in Thailand and hereby does not warrant that the information provided by or accessed through this website is usable or appropriate for the use in other countries. If you use this website the countries other than Thailand, you shall use it at your own discretion and be responsible for complying with the applicable laws in your residing country.

In the event that any part of this website contains terms and conditions of use which are distinctive, the Website shall conform to such distinctive terms and conditions. We highly recommend you carefully read the terms and conditions contained in such distinctive web pages before use.

The connectivity among other websites

Panjaluck Pasuk Company Limited connects and links to other websites administered by third party. The links and connections provided in the Website are given for you to conveniently and fast do search or accessing. We do not guarantee or warrant the credibility, accuracy or safety of the third party websites that they are suitable for any purpose or free of viruses or malwares.

You enter into this Website under your own sole responsibility and at your own risk. We do not take any responsibility in your direct indirect extraordinary consequential damage (including the loss of income or profit) punishment or any cost arisen out of the event that you use the Website. We recommend you to read the terms and conditions of use plus the security policy regarding the links and the connectivity before you use the Website.

For further information pertaining to the use of this website and the security policy, please see Privacy.


Should you have any concern or inquiry about this website, please contact itsupport@panjaluck.com or our customer relation department at +66 33 045 162.

Applicable Laws

The use of this website, the terms and conditions shall be construed and applicable in accordance with the laws of Thailand. In case of any dispute which is arisen out of the use of this Website, regardless of the cause, the Court under the jurisdiction of Thailand shall have the adjudicating power on such dispute.